Saturday, August 16, 2008

We have a daughter!!!

Hello everyone!

We have accepted a referral for our daughter! She is 22 months old and from the Anhui Province. This week-end will be a world wind of paperwork. Monday we will have our pediatrician review her medical file.

Once paperwork is done, we will forward it to our agency at which time they will send an electronic acceptance (EA) to China. From there, we await the pre-approval (PA) from China and then wait for TA (travel approval).

Believing God is in control, we look forward to meeting our daughter and bringing her home. Emotions will be up and down but we trust God.

We have a daughter!!!

It is hard to believe that we have received and accepted a referral TODAY! Believing that God is in control, Amelia Grace will be coming home in early 2009.

She is from Anhui Province in China. Born 10/28/06 she is 22 months old and has an unrepaired cleft lip/palate.

The next few days will be filled with paperwork and document review by our pediatrician. By monday evening, China will have received our EA (electronic acceptance) of the referral and will review our file. From this point, we will wait 3-4 months for PA (pre-approval) and then TA (travel approval) which is 6-8 weeks after approval.

Please keep us in your prayers as we pray for God's provision, safe travel, the health and well-being of Mia and that she is healthy and loved.

Though our house is calm at the moment, we are shocked but happy to know that we have made it to this process only 3 months after applying for SN. God's timing is not our timing and we TRUST him.

More to come!