Monday, April 13, 2009

Checkin In

Hello everyone,

Hoping that you had a glorious Easter! We enjoyed a day with family and friends. I have not kept my promise of updating weekly so, as I sit at the office while it's slow I wanted to touch base.

We are still adjusting to this crazy schedule and my not being home. You all know where my heart is and it's not here :). But, I am thankful still to have this job while so many are losing their's.

I'm not the most exciting blogger but share what is on my heart (when I do post LOL). I thank God for my family and friends and how He is shaping and molding my family. God is the center of my joy and peace and I thank Him for that. The strength He gives me while I worship is amazing! Easter brings so much joy into our hearts as we think of our RISEN Savior.

As we ponder His love for us let us in everything we do worship Him; our Creature, Provider, Healer, Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords so that all may see and ask why are we so different. After all, we were made to worship.

Enjoy your day and worship Him.