Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have Amelia! Our day started with us arriving in Hefei City at around 9:30 am and settled in to our room at about 10:00 am. We were to meet our local guide in the lobby at 2:30 pm. All of this seemed so unreal even after such a long wait; two years and one day later since we began the process.

We settled in to our room. I took a nap and Frank loaded SKYPE on the computer so that we could show the kids and family Amelia. Dominic chilled while we waited to meet her. The hotel has a revolving restaurant on the 29th floor (Holiday Inn) so we met the Marrone Family for lunch at 12:00 pm. Count down began at 1:00. Before we knew it, it was 2:30. Frank and I got off on the wrong lobby not knowing that there were two. But, thankfully we figured it out.

The ride to the civil affairs office was only 15 minutes away. YIKES! We walked in to the building, went up to the 7th floor, down the hall and into a room. Before we got to the room, my nerves had taken over and I said, "I'm not ready". To late right.

We filled out paperwork for temporary custody, set out our gifts and waited. The nanny had not arrived yet. After a few minutes, I heard a noise in the hallway. Oh my, they were squeaky shoes. These are a type of shoe that the children wear I guess to keep track of them. Their here I said. The door opens and in comes a lady with a cute little girl all bundled up. I didn't know who she was until they said this is Huanqing. Her cheeks were really red as you will see in the photos, her hair longer than I expected and the unbelievable part is that her unrepaired lip is repaired. They did surgery on her lip April 2008 almost 1 year ago.
Our family coordinator told us yesterday that there was a chance that her lip could already be repaired. Wow, could it be. Frank and I felt like her lip had been repaired but, we would have to wait and see. So, needlesstosay, we were quite surprised.

Amelia didn't like either of us at first and cried pretty much the whole time we were there. Of course her nanny hanging around didn't help at all. Finally, Frank and I took over and took turns holding her as she cried. The nanny left and after about 20 minutes or so , we got to ask several questions before she left. Then we left also. She began to calm down and didn't cry anymore all the way to the hotel. She sat with Frank the whole time.
Once we got to the room, Frank held her for a while with all of her clothes on (3 layers). After a little bit of fussing, we took off her clothes, changed her diaper and put on pajamas. From then, on I kept my distance a bit while she clung to Frank, eased my way in and we have been inseperable since. She likes both of us now. Praise the Lord! We prayed peace over her at the civil affairs office and God has blessed us once again. She is truly amazing and smart as a whip.

Continue to pray for us during this week as she transitions. Hopefully bedtime will be a breeze.
She is sitting in her crib watching Djuna prepare for bed. My guess is she will end up in our bed. Frank

Monday - The BIG DAY!


So long from Beijing -

It is 4:30 am here in Beijing and we will be leaving for the airport at 5:30. I got up at 4:00 am with the wake-up call promptly so we would not be late for the airport. Yesterday, we got ready with only 45 minutes to spare because they do not have snooze buttons here :). This day is to important to miss.

Dominic and I attended the acrobatic show last night. It was amazing. My guess is that the girls perfoming, do not have spines in their backs LOL. The strength, balance and concentration was amazing. Frank stayed back at the hotel to change the money over and to rest. When we returned from the show, we found him dead asleep. I had to wake him after a while to pack. They pick your bags up outside the room to have them ready for the airport. Thankfully, we did not have to much to do. I was very tired and just wanted to go to sleep.

Dominic met a young guy (Jordon) here on the trip and they went on to the sauna for a little bit. Very relaxing he said. Jordon's dad had gallbladder surgery 3 weeks ago and on Thursday was not feeling well but made the trip any way. Saturday, he ended up going to the hospital in Beijing. We prayed for him to feel better. The tests were inconclusive so he was discharged. I think that he was to have some other tests done or go to another doc but he felt better so he will be able to join his wife and Jordon in their province to receive little Amy Joy. Praise the Lord! They think that the elbow to the side in Tokyo (10 inch cut) could have made his body respond in someway that made him not feel well. Anyway, thank God he is doing better. Please keep him in your prayers.

So far everyone is healthy and feeling good. A little tired but we're making it.

Our trip to the Great Wall was good. A little cold. I didn't go very far this time. The air was hard to breathe and I hurt my left leg below the knee so, I decided not to make the hike. Frank and Dominic made it to the 3rd tower. A little girl named Chloe (3) went pretty high. She only started to cry when her daddy said that it was time to come down. Chloe asks why and he says "daddy is scared". It was so cute. She had waited for this day for a very long time. She is from the same orphanage as Amelia in Anhui.

Well, signing off until we get to Anhui. The next post will be of Gotcha Day. Please pray for us and our first evening with Amelia. Thanks!