Monday, September 8, 2008


Our yardsale this past Saturday was a huge success. Despite the bad weather and rain, our INSIDE yardsale went very well. Thank you to all of thos folks who came out to help.

We were blessed financially as well even though there was not a steady stream of shoppers. We will try again this week-end so be praying that this too will be successful. I pray that lots of folks come to shop and support our effots and help us get to China.

Adoption Update!

On Monday, August 18th, our ageny AWAA sentan EA (electonic acceptance) to China. And, so we wait. Well, on Friday September 5, 2008 we received an e-mail from AWAA saying that China had pre-approved us to adopt Xu Huanqing. This is great news!

The next step is waiting for them to pull the dossier (paperwork) that we gathered over a year ago, translate it into Chinese and then from their, give an official approval. We are really wanting to travel this year so, please pray with us that this will happen.

We are also praying that we can travel with good friends of ours who we met in Chine for our first adoptions. They are adopting a SN little girl as well and will be going to the same province that we are. We were so excited to hear that.