Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Djuna's Heart

This is Frank, Djuna's husband, you do not see me much in the pictures because I am taking the pictures.. :)

I want to blog about Djuna, she is at breakfast with Amelia so I have a few minutes to be alone. I will start by saying my wife is an amazing woman. I have never seen her so focused and determined about anything in our lives as I have during our two adoptions of Hope and Amelia. She did ALL of the paperwork, legwork, hardwork, prayer work (I did some too) and any other work related to this adoption. I was told where to be and what to sign. Its not that I am not as committed its that she has this under complete control. As I was saying, I watch her with the families here and she is always friendly, warm and considerate of other peoples needs. Always praying for people in distress and ALWAYS pointing them to Jesus. She has made lifelong friends with many people on this trip. I'll let her blog on those folks..

She was having church in Starbucks last night here in Guangzhou China, encouraging other women in their faith. While I am typing this blog, I just got a call from Djuna telling me she is visiting another family in the hotel and offered to watch their child if they need some downtime. They are struggling a little and Djuna is there for them. My wife is truly the hands and feet of Jesus. Did I mention that she is also beautiful? Just check out some of the pictures.... I love her and thank my God for her. She literally lights up a room wherever she goes.

Watching her with Amelia is wonderful, she is so patient and gentle. You can see the love in her eyes and Amelia can also. Amelia bonded with Mom after about an hour of being with us. The bond is strong, as mentioned in previous posts, Amelia was eager to wave bye bye to her nanny's and everything she has known to be with Djuna . She is joined at the hip with Ma Ma. She does not like to be without her Ma Ma, her first words in english, (even though its the same in Chinese). She has begun to say Da Da, Ge Ge (brother) and can say other words in Chinese and english. Djuna has begun to teach her sign language and Amelia can say please and more.

We went to the Anqing orphanage (see previous posts) and Djuna asked about about a Tonya's baby Matti. They woke her from her nap and dressed her and she played with Amelia and we took several pictures for Tonya. Djuna got to hug on her and hold her for Tonya. My wife is an amazing woman with an amazing heart.

If you have never met her, you probably know someone who does. We have a little joke about Djuna, everywhere we go she knows someone, everywhere, in Bahamas in the elevator, here in China we met a family whose daughter married someone we know. They are from Indiana. Everytime we go somewhere she meets someone she knows,...WHY?.... its because she takes time to remember people and contact them and remembers intimate details about them and their family. Bottom line, she cares about people and listens. Hard to find qualities in this day and age of rush rush rush and all about me.

I have seen her call and send cards to people for years with little or no acknowledgment and she continues on. I have seen the fruit of that love over the years also. I have seen her lead people to Jesus because they knew she cared and she was there for them in there distress. She is a woman who cares about relationships, more than money, more than comfort, and more than a hectic schedule. I have seen her clear her schedule to help someone in need. Sometimes that means the dishes might get done tommorrow rather than right after dinner...if you know what I mean. I have seen her be friendly to folks who are not friendly, love people who do not seem to love her in return, and struggle with the emotions that go along with it. I have seen her love people through tough times and then watch them move on to other friends for a season.

She truly is a special lady and I am happy to be Djuna's husband. I love her more than she could ever know and she is my friend also.