Monday, March 30, 2009

Flashback to January 2009

That's one handsome warrior!

Dominic, Amelia and Djuna

Our trip to medical. What fun!

Vicki and Mike. We were in China with them in 2005.

Lynn playing with the monkey's. Frank thinks she 's crazy! :)
Hi guys, its been a while since I posted but I hope that everyone is well. I went back to work full-time on March 16th after 8 years as a SAHM. Wow, I can hardly believe it. But God's peace and strength has covered me.
Since coming home from China as you know, Amelia had her cleft lip/nose revision and palate repair surgery. She is doing well considering she has fallen 3 times on her face. It was hard going to work just 2 weeks after but God really helped prepare me and Dominic and Hunter have really stepped up with helping out; getting Gabrielle and Hope off to school each day. We couldn't do this withou them. All the while, they are still homeschooled.
We really miss so many of you that we travelled with and hope our paths cross again. Amelia has really blossomed over the last few months. She really fits in well with our family too. Believe it or not, Frank talked about adopting again after being home only 2 weeks. Let's just say, the look I gave him was not one of excitement after having done this trip and facing surgery with Amelia that was the last thing that I wanted to hear. Who knows what God has in store.
For those of you who have been checking in with us lately, please forgive me the last 3 weeks have been crazy. My goal is to update weekly if not daily on life at the Brizzi home. Please keep checking in. I hope to learn how to upload more pics because we have a lot of great ones of the kids.
Dominic and Hunter start flag football this week. Frank will coach Dominic's team. Gabrielle has her first spring soccer game so hopefully those will be the first pictures that we upload on my journey to keeping this blog current LOL.
Well, gotta run, talk with you later!