Friday, March 6, 2009

Amelia is home...

Amelia came home Wednesday, she is doing well. She is not able to eat anything except jello and liquids. She is constantly asking for food. Poor thing.

We have a follow-up appointment next Wednesday at which time stitches will be removed from lip. I am so hoping that they give her the go ahead to eat soft foods.

Here's something funny that happened the first night we were home. Amelia has to wear these restraints (No-No's) on her arms so that she won't put her fingers in her mouth. Well, we put her to bed Wednesday night and when we went to bed, she had taken them off, through them out of the crib and took her legs out of her pajamas. She has never liked having her feet or legs covered. Now, everytime we put her to bed, she has taken the restrains off.

Most of the kids signed the No-No's but not Dominic. Amelia took one of them off and handed it to him to sign. The girl is a trip. We are amazed at how well she is doing since surgery. I must say that I am happy that this part of the journey is over.

Not feeling well myself today but wanted to give an update.