Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today we celebrate Gabrielle's 9th birthday! I can hardly believe it. We celebrated last week-end with an ice skating party with her siblings and lots of friends.

This afternoon she will share cupcakes at school with friends. Then it is off to Clare's to shop. Next stop is gymnastics practice where she will once again have cupcakes with her friends.

Thank you God for blessing me with another child. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIELLE!!!!

Crazy Days!!!!!

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Go figure with the crazy month we had, who had time to even breathe.

January was filled with birthday parties, (Jan 4 - mine), preparing for a gymnastics meet at our gym featuring Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes and sick kids. Hunter and Hope were sick all week-end during the met. Gabrielle missed 3 days of school following the meet. There is definitely something going around lots of kids and adults were sick but finally feeling better. Thank God.

Well I managed to make it through my birthday hardly believing that I turned 43 wow!

The last week-end of the month was very busiy preparing for the meet. Seeing Dominique again after a few months was very exciting. The girls love her! She is very motivating and loves to encourage the girls. She is very down to earth. The boys almost had a chance to go with her to get coffee at Starbucks but, that got canned. Maybe next time.

Gabrielle made one of her goals that day by receiving a 9.0 on Beam. It was a beautiful routine! She got an 8.2 on vault, 8.65 on floor and 7.85 on bars. She continues to improve her scores at each meet. So much so that she has already made it to state in May. The team placed 3rd and Gabrielle placed 4th on Beam and Floor and 8th on vault. Way to go!

Frank continues to work hard and is taking classes to complete his credentials for ministry. God has big plans for us in 2008!

Hope all is well with you all.