Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss Hope-Elizabeth

She is growing like a weed and it hard to believe that she has been with us 3 years this past July. The has so blessed our family and keeps us laughing each and every day.

She enjys pre-school which she attends EVERYDAY from 1:15 - 3:40. This is good for both she and I LOL :).

Look for recent pictures as soon as I can upload them.

Update on the Boys

Well, boys will be boys. Dominic and Hunter are doing very well and I thank God that they are healthy and are pretty good kids...most days LOL. They are both homeschooled grades 10/11 and 7th.

Hunter will celebrate his 13th birthday THIS Sunday. Oh my two teenagesrs in the house. Lord help me. They are involved with their youth group as well as group classes of which Dominic takes a Life Skills class and Spanish II.

Hunter is taking Astronomy and Maryland History. They seem to fit in pretty well and have lots of friends. They are both taking Ju Jitsu weekly with the homeschool group.

Dominic will attend his first prom in May. Look for updates and lots of photos. YIKES, my boy is growing up. He also turns 17 then. :(

It's Opening Night

Tonight Gabrielle performs for her Christmas play at school. This is exciting because she has both a speaking part and a solo. She also received Straight A's on her report card last week. Way to go girl!