Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures and updates

Today Mommy is not feeling well and I am doing the taxes so I am not feeling well. There are seven kids in the house today, Hunter and Gabrielle had friends stay over. After getting them to do the dishes and vacuum some are playing guitar hero, some are dressing the baby and some are outside on tramploine and riding skateboards (actually sounds like someone is riding the skateboard in the house). This is a typical day in our house, chaos, noise, kids wanting to go to mall, I'm bored, can I ride to the next neighborhood?, baby's diaper is dirty etc etc etc... I would not change it for the world! The sounds of life.
God has blessed us tremendously and we are thankful! Djuna has asked that I mention that Amelia is blending in real well and has won over everyone's heart. We went to the drs last week and met a team of cranio-facial doctors. They thought she was doing great and we met the surgeon and she scheduled for surgery on March 2, 2009. There is alot more to this than I expected but God will work it out, He always does.