Monday, January 19, 2009

Bubbles and crocodile tails....

I forgot to mention in our previous post that Amelia and Mommy had fun with bubbles and Dominic and I went inside a restaurant in Shaiman Island and saw crocodile tail, FRESH CUT! The guy was actually in the process of butchering the croc...yikes. There were snakes and exotic fish, water beetles, silk worms....and alot more..sounds tasty right?

For Tonya, who will meet Matti February 2.....

This is a video of Matti who is from the same orphanage in Anqing and is one of Amelia's dear friends. We watched this video with Amelia tonight and she smiled and pointed..... Thanks be to God for this awesome journey!


Last night we ate at a Japanese steakhouse in the hotel. This morning we had a short time of prayer with a few families in the Cafe and today was medical examination day on Shaiman Island. It was not bad and seemed to be a much more thorough examination than in 2005. Took about an hour, not bad... Next we went shopping and went to Jordon's Place, he was here in 2005 also. He moved his store and still wants to make a deal with everyone. We went to Starbucks, YES STARBUCKS! it was sweeeet.

For dinner, several families ordered pizza from Pizza Hut, its not your normal US Pizza Hut but the pizza was good. We all ate together in the hallway on the seventh floor. There were strollers, stacking cups, water bottles, pizza boxes, soda cans and babies, lots of babies. We talked about the movie Fireproof. One of the Pastors on staff from Sherwood Baptist is adopting also and is traveling with his family and he was telling us about the behind the scenes outtakes.

After an hour or so the hotel staff came and asked us to quiet down because guests were sleeping. So we cleaned up and quietly went to our rooms. The garden at the hotel is closed because they are preparing it for the Chinese New Year celebration. The entire continent is preparing for this celebration. I am not sure I understand it but i can tell you it seems alot bigger than our typical new year celebration, This is the year of the ox.

Ok well am tired. God Bless to all!