Friday, November 14, 2008

Pray for the Cuzzou Family

They are in China and did not receive their daugter Lydia Hope because her sn was more severe than they had thought.

We are praying for a miracle that the CCAA would please provide them with another child and their hearts would be happy. Please God we need you to do this for this wonderful loving family. There is a little girl out there for them and they need to bring her home. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

It's Official, we received our Referral Aproval (RA)

Yesterday we received the phone call we have been waiting for since 9/5/08 telling us that we are officially aproved to adopt Xu Huan Qing.

I can hardly believe it. The wait was shorter that anticipated and it looks like we could be leaving for China next month. OH my! We are praying for a speedy TA (travel approval) and that we will have Amelia in December.

I will keep you posted. This is great news for us. I am sitting here waiting for fed ex to bring the official package from our agency. Can't wait to see what's inside.

Take a look at her sweet face in the post below.


Isn't she a cutie?! Look at those cheeks. :)
Chinese Name: Xu Huan Qing
American Name: Amelia-Grace Huanqing Brizzi
DOB: 10/28/08
Province: Anhui
Capitol City: Hefei
Orphanage: Anqing Children's Welfare Institute (East Central China)
SN: Unrepaired cleft lip/cleft palate
Travel Dates: (praying for December)