Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our First Week

Hello there, we have been home one week now which is hard to believe. We are sitting by the fire with the girls checking out our friend's blog who is in China right now. Their daughter Matti (Yuanqing) is from the same orphanage as Amelia (Huanqing). Looking at the pictures on her blog is crazy because we were just there.

The group that is in China now will meet their children on Monday, February 2. Our prayers are with them as they meet them.

Amelia is doing great! She has bonded very well with all of the kids. Yesterday I had my first trip out of the house with her to Target. Frank took her to the movie store on Tuesday. She was so excited seeing all the toys. It was fun to watch her.

We are still struggling with jetlag and Frank and I have colds. I hope that this is over soon I have to much to get done and being rundown does not help me at all.

I am so glad to be home. It was a long trip but well worth it.