Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday, January 13, 2009, we visited the civil affairs office. This is the same office where we met Amelia yesterday. I was a little worried about her remembering leaving her nanny and her being upset but, she did just fine. After 24 hours of being her "foster parents" she is now our daughter.

Once there, we filled out some paperwork, took a family photo (see below) and were interviewed by a notary. We were able to meet a young man from the orphanage who spent time with Amelia. He was very nice. He and his wife our expecting a baby (sex unknown). We have decided that it is not a good idea to visit the orphanage because Gotcha Day was so traumatic for Amelia. But we will visit the Hefei Orphanage with Mike and Sandy where Grace is from.

After that, we will visit the Hefei Wild Animal Zoo. Look for photos tomorrow. Our day would not have been complete without walking around the city. We went to Parkson's (very expensive). Dodging the traffic was a fun part of the day. They do not stop for anyone even babies in strollers.

The weather was not so bad and the girls did fine. We had dinner at McDonald's, saw a monkey on a chain (the monkey was on the chain as opposed to "off the chain" - Franks comment) the lots of locals from Hefei City.

Frank: I was stuck in an elevator for 15 minutes today,,,it seemed like hours. All lights went out I managed to pry the doors of the elevator open but could not get the doors to floor 12 open. Then all of a sudden it was over...... if you have ever been stuck in a dark elevator, you know what I mean.

Dominic and I went to the gym yesterday and worked out with weights and treadmill and bike. I am glad he is here. He is very helpful and funny. He pushed every button on the elevator yesterday, made some folks kind of unhappy, 28 floors....He is a great kid who I am extremely proud to be his father. God has great plans for him.