Saturday, December 12, 2009

The First Snow in Maryland

Last week-end there was snow and Amelia's first time to play in the snow. Needlesstosay, I stayed inside and took pcitures. She really enjoyed herself. (Gabrielle, Gabrielle and Amelia and Amelia)


Celebrating my friend's 50th birthday party, it was a blast. The first pic is Dominic with a few of his friends, Gabrielle and Aunt Trudy, me and the birthday girl, Frank and me and me. We had an awesome time. It was a 50's-80's party. We danced all night long. I couldn't move the next day but is was well worth it. I felt like I was in my 20's again.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

China Sisters (Pictures Added this time LOL)

Mary-Kim, Hope-Elizabeth, and Amelia-Grace. A few pics of Emily-Elizabeth and Vickie. At the picnic we have Karen's daughter, Gracie-Mei, Amelia-Grace and Emily-Elizabeth. Just hanging out at home and at the picnic in October.

America World Reunion and Wedding

We had a wonderful time in October at Amyn and Lineker's wedding in Virgina. Vicki, Hao, Mary Kim (adopted in 2005 with Hope) and Emily Elizabeth (adopted in 2009 with Amelia) came from New Jersey and stayed with us.

They are a wonderful family. We enjoyed remembering both trips to China that we took together and look forward to getting together again soon and returning to China in the future.

Hope and Mary-Kim saw each other for the first time since 2005. Whe we brought them home from China, they were only 1 year old and now they are 5. They had a wonderful time playing together.

We were able to see other friends also, the Huey's, the Marrone's and the Benton's. Even though it was freezing cold, it was great to see everyone.

October/November Happenings

Dominic went to the Homecoming Dance, Frank and Hope went to the Pumpkin Patch. We also celebrated Hunter's 14th birthday. Hope had her cheerleading competition of which I was one of the coaches. We won first place!!!!!! Go Waldorf Wildcats!
Amelia, a cheerleader in the making.

Happy October Birthday's to Frank and Amelia

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebrate good times....

Well, I am here and still alive LOL. I just realized the other day that I had not updated this thing in 3 months. Shame on me. I apologize for those who do keep up with the crazy Brizzi Family.

We have been busy but I wanted to acknowledge a few birthdays for this month. On October 11, we celebrated Frank's birthday. I surprised him by getting rid of the kids for the night. I took him to Outback Steakhouse and then we came home and had the whole house to our selves:). I have wanted to express how much I love and care about Frank for so long and have now found the time to do it.

From the day I first met Frank, I knew that I loved him and he, loved me back for who I was. He has always put his family and God first. He has sacrificed a lot of his own self and desires for our family and for that, I am very grateful. I really do not know where I would be without him and God in my life. Thank you honey for loving me as I am and where I am in this life. I love you and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

TODAY, is Amelia's 3rd birthday. I can hardly believe it. We don't have much planned as I am so busy with work, cheerleading, parenting and being a wife. I did find time to go out on Monday evening and by her a few gifts. We will have cake tonight after I take my mid-term (oh yeah, I am in school too- crazy woman). Happy Birthday babycakes. We look forward to celebrating many firsts with you this year and are so blessed to have you home with us. We love you more than words.

Pictures to follow.... Love to all my followers.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Amelia at a birthday party in May.
Amelia and her oldest big sister, Gabrielle in July.

Amelia helping daddy plant flowers in May.

Amelia, with one of her big sisters Hope-Elizabeth and their friend Raia who is also from China. Home now 1 year and a few month. Raia and her siblings spent the night before they moved away to TN in early June.

Amelia at Hope's Pre-K picnic in June.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hi guys, well its been a while. Too long I must say. I have been so bad about keeping us with this thing but want so badly to keep you updated on our family and how Amelia is doing. I want to do a better job of this. I want to be like Tonya T. when I grow up, she is so good about keeping us updated on Matti.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are still here, just very busy. Too busy in fact. I will post pics soon. Amelia is doing very well! More to come about her later. Don't give up on me and please do keep checking in. Love to you all!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

its been awhile.............

As you can see we have been very busy, Djuna back at work and kids playing soccer and football.... We re doing well just very busy.
Amelia is recovered, thank the Lord that is over with, she can eat anything and drink from a straw. Dominic went to his prom Friday, we will post pictures soon..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Evaluation Day UPDATE!!!

God is good! I took the day off to meet with the folks from the Infant and Toddler Program. They came to the house at about 10:30 for what was suppose to be a 2.5 hour visit. They were done in 1.5 hours.

Amelia did very well with imitating and following directions. They were very impressed especially since she has only been home 3 months. Teaching her sign language was the best thing that I could have done. She is able to communicate very well in that way.

After the visit they said that she needed to see a speech therapist within 1 month. Of course I have only been working 5 weeks and hated to have to take another day off of work but would do it if I had to. Having said that, I told them that I would be willing to drive to their office that day if they could get me in to see the speech therapist.

Thirty minutes after they left, they told me that they had a 2 o'clock appointment. I swooped Amelia up and put her down for a quick nap. At 1:40, we were on our way. I am so thankful that God made a way for this to happen. He even worked it out so that the therapist will go to my sitter's house once a week for 30 minutes to work with Amelia. Can you beat that! This is great because they don't have evening appointments and I don't get home until 6:00 pm.

The therapist did really well with Amelia and she seemed to like her (Amelia) alot. I couldn't have asked for a better turnout and thank God for working in our lives. Amelia really needs speech and God provided this service for us and for that, I am grateful.

For those of you out there who have a child struggling with speech, know that God will work it out and change will come. Amelia is already making sounds and imitating what she learned yesterday. Be encouraged! Love to you all

Monday, April 20, 2009

Evaluation Day!

Today, Amelia will have a visit from the infant and toddler program in our county. They will evaluate her playtime and speech. Will let you know how that goes. Really the only concern we have is with her speech.

We are hoping to get her into a speech program. I tell you the yelping sound she makes to speak with us is getting really old. She is so smart, however not being able to talk is very frustrating for us all. But God will see us through. I will update you after the visit.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Checkin In

Hello everyone,

Hoping that you had a glorious Easter! We enjoyed a day with family and friends. I have not kept my promise of updating weekly so, as I sit at the office while it's slow I wanted to touch base.

We are still adjusting to this crazy schedule and my not being home. You all know where my heart is and it's not here :). But, I am thankful still to have this job while so many are losing their's.

I'm not the most exciting blogger but share what is on my heart (when I do post LOL). I thank God for my family and friends and how He is shaping and molding my family. God is the center of my joy and peace and I thank Him for that. The strength He gives me while I worship is amazing! Easter brings so much joy into our hearts as we think of our RISEN Savior.

As we ponder His love for us let us in everything we do worship Him; our Creature, Provider, Healer, Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords so that all may see and ask why are we so different. After all, we were made to worship.

Enjoy your day and worship Him.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flashback to January 2009

That's one handsome warrior!

Dominic, Amelia and Djuna

Our trip to medical. What fun!

Vicki and Mike. We were in China with them in 2005.

Lynn playing with the monkey's. Frank thinks she 's crazy! :)
Hi guys, its been a while since I posted but I hope that everyone is well. I went back to work full-time on March 16th after 8 years as a SAHM. Wow, I can hardly believe it. But God's peace and strength has covered me.
Since coming home from China as you know, Amelia had her cleft lip/nose revision and palate repair surgery. She is doing well considering she has fallen 3 times on her face. It was hard going to work just 2 weeks after but God really helped prepare me and Dominic and Hunter have really stepped up with helping out; getting Gabrielle and Hope off to school each day. We couldn't do this withou them. All the while, they are still homeschooled.
We really miss so many of you that we travelled with and hope our paths cross again. Amelia has really blossomed over the last few months. She really fits in well with our family too. Believe it or not, Frank talked about adopting again after being home only 2 weeks. Let's just say, the look I gave him was not one of excitement after having done this trip and facing surgery with Amelia that was the last thing that I wanted to hear. Who knows what God has in store.
For those of you who have been checking in with us lately, please forgive me the last 3 weeks have been crazy. My goal is to update weekly if not daily on life at the Brizzi home. Please keep checking in. I hope to learn how to upload more pics because we have a lot of great ones of the kids.
Dominic and Hunter start flag football this week. Frank will coach Dominic's team. Gabrielle has her first spring soccer game so hopefully those will be the first pictures that we upload on my journey to keeping this blog current LOL.
Well, gotta run, talk with you later!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pictures - Amelia after surgery, snow the day of surgery and more

Music to her ears....PART II - See video

We played a cd of Chinese nursery ryhmes and Amelia recognized the songs and danced and Mommy cried.....

(Hint: mute or pause the music at the bottom of page to listen)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Amelia is home...

Amelia came home Wednesday, she is doing well. She is not able to eat anything except jello and liquids. She is constantly asking for food. Poor thing.

We have a follow-up appointment next Wednesday at which time stitches will be removed from lip. I am so hoping that they give her the go ahead to eat soft foods.

Here's something funny that happened the first night we were home. Amelia has to wear these restraints (No-No's) on her arms so that she won't put her fingers in her mouth. Well, we put her to bed Wednesday night and when we went to bed, she had taken them off, through them out of the crib and took her legs out of her pajamas. She has never liked having her feet or legs covered. Now, everytime we put her to bed, she has taken the restrains off.

Most of the kids signed the No-No's but not Dominic. Amelia took one of them off and handed it to him to sign. The girl is a trip. We are amazed at how well she is doing since surgery. I must say that I am happy that this part of the journey is over.

Not feeling well myself today but wanted to give an update.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amelia's Surgery

Amelia's surgery went great, Praise the Lord! She was in for about 2.5 hours. She was moved to ICU (normal procedure) and will probably come home tommorow. Mom stayed at the hospital with her last night and told me Amelia slept through the night.
She was sitting on Mom's lap from 7am to about 11. She wants her Mommy all the time and Mommy hasn't eaten or had coffee yet...

Me and the other kids will go for a visit this afternoon.
Thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music to HER ears

Last week we expereinced the most beautiful thing with Amelia. The family was just hanging out in the living room and Frank decided to put a CD in that we bought from China. The songs on the CD are popular children's songs sung in Mandarin.

Well, as soon as he pushed play, Amelia lit up and began doing this dance that she must have learned at the orphanage. I completely broke down. The kids looked at me like I was crazy. It was the most precious thing to see. She remembered the music! How amazing after being home a month. We will definitely keep China and its culture as a part of both Amelia and Hope's lives. Especially after seeing and sharing this moment together it is so important to do so.

Hope that everyone is having a great week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures and updates

Today Mommy is not feeling well and I am doing the taxes so I am not feeling well. There are seven kids in the house today, Hunter and Gabrielle had friends stay over. After getting them to do the dishes and vacuum some are playing guitar hero, some are dressing the baby and some are outside on tramploine and riding skateboards (actually sounds like someone is riding the skateboard in the house). This is a typical day in our house, chaos, noise, kids wanting to go to mall, I'm bored, can I ride to the next neighborhood?, baby's diaper is dirty etc etc etc... I would not change it for the world! The sounds of life.
God has blessed us tremendously and we are thankful! Djuna has asked that I mention that Amelia is blending in real well and has won over everyone's heart. We went to the drs last week and met a team of cranio-facial doctors. They thought she was doing great and we met the surgeon and she scheduled for surgery on March 2, 2009. There is alot more to this than I expected but God will work it out, He always does.