Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pictures So Far

What An Adventure

This evenings dinner was pretty interesting. Jordan from Oregan travelling with his parents was not afraid to eat anything. Oh my I thought I would die when he ate the head of a chicken. No, I am not kidding. He even picked meat out of it that he said was the brain. Sandy is convinced that it was not chicken but pidgeon.

I was done with dinner after that. All I ate was rice, potatoes and fried pork. That was enough for me.

A few of the kids from the group, Dominic included, will head off to the pool and sauna. Frank is already asleep and I will head off to bed soon as well.

Tomorrow morning we meet at 9:15 am to attend the International Church of Beijing (foreign passport holders only). I will give you an update from Sunday when we return from the hotel.

Hunter, Hope and Gabrielle we love and miss you guys. Take care of each other and be good for Pastor Chris and Alex.

Baby it's cold outside!

No, not really. We managed to make it through sightseeing in Beijing today. The weather really was not that bad. All were prepared with long johns, hand warmers, hats and gloves etc. It was a beautiful sunny day too.

We ate lunch at a western restaurant that had both American and Chinese food. Last night we shopped at Carrefour; something like Walmart only with 2 floors where they sell anything that you can imagine. Pizza Hut was a hit for dinner with the kids.

Later in the day we went to both the pearl and silk factories. This is where the better quality items are sold. We didn't buy much this time around.

The Summer Palace was visited as well. Seventy-five percent of the palace is a man-made lake. Here it was a little cooler because we were near water. We will post pictures later right now, we will run out to dinner and back to the hotel for the evening. It has been a long tiring day but well worth it. Two days until we meet Amelia. We can't wait.

Tomorrow is church, visit to the Jade Factory, The Great Wall, Acrobatic show and dinner.