Friday, January 9, 2009


Ni Hao from China!

We have made it to China! Thank you God! Our flights and steps through customs were uneventful. I thought the flight to China for us this time went a lot faster. Although I could have done without the guy who sat two seats from Dominic and I who kept getting sick throughought the 14 hour flight. Poor man, I kept praying that he would feel better.

It's about 7:15 pm China time and we are finally checked into our room for the night. Dominic and Frank may venture out to get something to eat from either Pizza Hut or KFC. Tomorrow we visit Tienenman Square, The Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. It is suppose to be 30 degrees (brrrrrrrr).

In the morning we have breakfast and then its off to see the sights in Beijing and dinner at the hotel.

Signing off for now. Will post once we get back from out outing on Saturday.