Sunday, January 25, 2009

We made it home!!!!!

All I can say is thank God me made it home. Our flight home was interesting. Turbulence was so bad at one point that the pilot got on the loud speaker and said, "flight attendants down". It was a little scary especially standing up holding the baby and feeling like the plane dropped thousands of feet. Whew, it was crazy. Folks were laying all over the floor because they couldn't make it back to their seats. Frank included. He was holding onto the wall, telling me to sit down. The flight attendants assured us that we were safe just dodging potholes in the sky.

It was really a rough flight but thank God, we made it. That was my prayer; please God, let us make it home. Amelia did pretty well on the flight. She only cried a few times but slept most of the way home. Much different from when we brought Hope home in 2005. She wouldn't sleep, had double-ear infections we found out later. By the grace of God, we made it home and it wasn't to painful. Time seemed to fly by which was good. We sat at the very back of the plane which made for extra room to stretch and stand up. We managed to get two passengers to switch seats with Dom and Frank so that we could all sit together.

We made the flight from Chicago to VA by the hair on our chinny chin chins. Two hours was not enought time to make it through customs to our flight but again, God saw us through. I was getting a little nervous about missing our flight and to top it off, security asked to check the babies juice and food. They did not seem to be on the same time crunch as us. The guy in customs took his sweet little time getting 11 families through customs. I tried to remain optimistic but by the time I got to security and the guy asked to test the liquid in Amelia's cup, I had enough. I didn't have any time to even put my shoes on as I hurried to our gate which seemed miles away. I even had to take Amelia out of the stroller, take her coat and shoes off. Needlesstosay, I am not ready to go through that again.

I felt a breeze and Frank and Mike were running past me to the gate. Thankfully, they waited for us. We have the Montgomery's to thank because they were wating on them because their daughter needed oxygen on the flight home. They were the last ones on the plane behind us. I am so thankful that we were not bumped onto another flight.

Amelia became a US Citizen in Chicago once her little feet hit the ground. We did get a picture. After all was said and done, we were greeted by all the kids and a few families that we know. That was nice.

Amelia bonded really well with the kids and has made herself very comfortable. We are still jet lagged but hopefully in a few days we will be back on schedule. Thank you all for your prayers we really appreciate it. Please continue to pray for us as Amelia bonds with family and friends.